Need Help?

For help with your CableWiFi™ access or username and password, please call us at

  • CableWiFi SSID (network name) is used to provide the free feature as an extension of the WiFi service offered by your Internet Service Provider.

  • After selecting the CableWiFi SSID, opening your browser, and selecting your Internet Service Provider, complete these steps:

    • Enter the username and password requested on the page.
    • Click the "Sign In" button. By clicking the "Sign In" button the user accepts the Terms of Service.
    • Once you’ve signed in successfully, you’re ready to use the Internet.
  • WiFi works with the same devices, operating systems and web browsers you use with your Internet Service Provider’s WiFi service.

  • Anywhere you see CableWiFi, it is available. You may also visit your Internet Service Provider’s website for additional locations.